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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is it time to call an electrician?

A good rule of thumb is to call an electrician any time you have an electrical problem that can’t be fixed by flicking your breaker switch. Some specific reasons can include regular system interrupts, outlets that don’t work, are sparking, or have black residue around them, and if you need to install appliances that require wiring updates.

How do I know what size electrical service system I need for my property?

Your electrical service system has to do with the capacity of your transformer, wire gauge attached to this transformer, size of your breaker box, and maximum load supported by your main breaker. If you’re uncertain about what size electrical service system is running in your home, you can call Wagner General Electric Inc for an assessment.

Can I do electrical work on my own? 

We would never recommend it. Electrical work can be very dangerous and cause anything from shocks to electrical fires that will decimate your home. Electrical work done without a license is not attached to any sort of liability insurance, permits, or warranty, making work gone wrong costly in more ways than one.

Which grade of electrical outlets do I need?

General use electrical outlets produced for Canadian and U.S. use are intended for a variety of every-day electrical loads.  Generally, these outlets will do just fine for any needs you may have. If you’re in a situation where feel you might need something extra, hospital grade outlets have additional grounding, reliability, and durability. Give Wagner General Electric Inc a call for more information!

What is a surge protector, and do I need one?

Surge protectors are commonly purchased along with a computer. If too much voltage passes through your outlet, it can cause a power surge that strains components within your computer. A surge protector stops this from happening by controlling the amount of voltage that can pass through at any given time. If you’re concerned about keeping your computer and data safe, a surge protector is a good idea!

What should I do if my breaker panel is hot?

Circuit breakers get hot when there is a serious problem going on, such as a high electrical load. If you notice this, turn you breaker off and call Wagner General Electric Inc immediately.

Can I change my light switch to a dimmer switch?

Yes! Get in touch with one of our certified electricians. We’ll replace the body currently in your switch with a dimmer body so you can control the brightness of your lighting whenever you like.

Does my property need to be rewired? Do I need to leave my house while it’s being done?

If your home was constructed more than 50 years ago and hasn’t been rewired since then, it’s a good idea to get it rewired. Also in the case of faulty wiring installation you’ll need to have that fixed. If you need to get your home rewired, speak with a friend or family member who you can stay with or look into booking a hotel. While you can stay in the home, it will be uncomfortable, and potentially damaging to your lungs.

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