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Electrical Contractor

Electricity is a part of everything we do. Homes without electricity are unheard of. For such an important part of our day-to-day life, we don’t think about electricity much—but it’s always there.

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Electrical Home Inspections

A safe home is a happy home. Who among us is not concerned with safety? From alarm system installation to purchasing guard dogs and setting up motion lighting, there’s a lot that we do as homeowners to keep our property safe.

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Home Automation

Amongst the many services we offer at Wagner General Electric Inc, home automation is one of the more exciting ones to many of our clients. For most, home automation seems like something that not just anyone could have, when in fact, that is not true at all.

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In Floor Heating

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning, and walking into your bathroom, where you’re greeted with warm floors that ease you out of your slumber rather than shock you awake with their frigid temperature?

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Landscape Lighting

Interested in adding some design elements to your yard, or illuminating those that are already there? Residential landscape lighting is a great choice for those with fully or even partially landscaped yards.

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Lighting Installation

Have you ever walked inside a show home or seen a property on TV and felt happy and comfortable without really knowing why? While that is in part design elements doing their job, lighting is also playing a major role.

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New Construction Electrical

Electrical is an important part of any new residential construction. The Wagner General Electric Inc electrical contractors use proven techniques and quality tools to design and install electrical systems.

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Residential Appliance Installation

Looking to invest in new appliances, but not too sure which the best ones are for your home electrical system or how to install them properly? We’ve got the answer.

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Residential Electrical Heating

Renovating your home or just looking to warm it up a little? Considering switching your gas heating system to electrical? Wagner General Electric Inc is here for you!

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Residential Electrical Repair

Finding an electrician you can count on to handle all of your electrical repairs efficiently and safely can be tough. You want a professional and friendly crew who will tell it like it is.

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Residential Electrical Retrofitting

Have you just purchased or inherited an older home? Owning a piece of history can be exciting, but it can also be a lot of work. And, knowing what you’re in for is an important thing to know.

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Residential Electrician

When homeowners and contractors are looking for safe, certified residential electricians they can sometimes have a difficult time finding the right match. At Wagner General Electric Inc, we aim to make the decision a simple one.

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Residential Emergency Electrical

Electricity can be dangerous. Useful as it is, electricity can be harmful, and as certified electricians we’re well-versed in all it can do.

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Residential Lighting Electrician

Are you looking for a residential lighting electrician who will take your electrical work seriously? At Wagner General Electric Inc we do our best on every assignment to go the extra mile for our clients.

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Residential Rewiring Service

Home rewiring is a lengthy and complicated process. While in the age of the Internet it’s easy to find do-it-yourself articles on just about anything, when you need a full house rewire, your best bet for success and safety is hiring certified electrical contractors.

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Residential Standby Generators

Power outages are becoming a growing nuisance in many cities across North America. Lasting minutes, hours, and sometimes days, they are an interruption to homes and business. So how do you avoid them?

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Residential Surge Protection

For as small or as large a budget as you have available, you can protect your electronic devices and appliances from a shortened lifespan due to electric surges.

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Residential Water Heater Installation

When you invest in a water heater for your home, you want it to be the right kind. It should provide heat, be safe and functional for many years, and not require an excessive amount of maintenance.

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Residential Water Heater Replacement

Just like when you’re having problems with your own body, the longer water heater problems are left to sit, the worse they’ll get. Don’t risk future dangers.

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Security Lighting

Feel the safest you ever have in your own home when you install outside lighting on your property. Front yard, backyard, or both, Wagner General Electric Inc is skilled at creating lighting design plans that will maximize on your budget and maximize on security functionality.

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Solar Panels

At Wagner General Electric Inc, we love solar power. And, we love seeing how happy our clients are at the end of every installation.

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