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Home Automation System Installation

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Amongst the many services we offer at Wagner General Electric Inc, home automation is one of the more exciting ones to many of our clients. For most, home automation seems like something that not just anyone could have, when in fact, that is not true at all.

Our home automation systems are safe, functional, and priced reasonably so that any budget can simplify their life with one or two little changes.

If you want to go all out, we can do that too. Just about anything in your home can be controlled remotely from the comfort of your phone or iPad—just ask us how!

Your Life Could be Simpler

Work life, home life, social life… there’s a lot going on in everyone’s lives and we’re willing to bet when offered the option to simplify some part of your busy schedule, you’re not going to say no.

Home automation systems have a lot of benefits. They will increase your safety, give you more time to be productive, and even save you money on energy bills.

A home equipped with smart home devices will cost you 30% less monthly. And, by having control over your door locks and installing sensors around your home, your security will be a next level system that you can check in on from anywhere in the world!

That’s right—whether you’re at the office or on holiday in another country, you can make sure that you remembered to lock your front door when you left.

Certified Local Electricians

When you need to find an electrician who is licensed and certified, has an attention for detail, and really cares about the work they do, you can rely on any member of the Wagner General Electric Inc crew.

Not only do we have education and experience, knowledge isn’t something that we stop trying to gain more of. Our team keeps up to date on all the latest developments in our industry so that what we bring to you is the most efficient and high-quality work. Why else would be love home automation systems so much?

From the moment home automation became available to local homeowners, we were installing it.

Let’s Impress Your Friends

On top of everything else a home automation system has to offer, it’s impossible to deny its ability to impress. Your home will be the destination for all gatherings and parties for a good long time once you show off your space-age smart home.

Are you ready to get started planning out the perfect automation system for your home? All you have to do is give us a call or email us today and let’s get started!

But How Much Does it Cost?

A full home automation system must cost a lot, right? Not so much. While you’ll have to get an in-home assessment to determine what materials and labor will land at for your project, on average there’s a system for every budget.

At Wagner General Electric Inc we work hard to provide our clients with the best materials, at the best prices.

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