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Surge Protection Installation

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For as small or as large a budget as you have available, you can protect your electronic devices and appliances from a shortened lifespan due to electric surges.

Surge protection is something we normally associate with computers, but it goes much further than that. Any sensitive device in your home has the potential to be damaged by surges which we often aren’t even aware are happening.

With internal surges that originate with your own appliances to external surges that are caused by storms and other outside sources, protecting the investments that are your electronic devices is a good idea for any local homeowner. To find out more, just call or email Wagner General Electric Inc today!

Types of Power Surges

There are two types of power surges. And, while they can be prevented by two different types of surge protectors, a combination is recommended as most homes experience both surges.

Internal power surges

Have you ever been using your hair dryer and suddenly all the electricity in the room has been shut off? When this occurs, more than one thing happens. The power goes off in one room, but that power goes somewhere momentarily. It goes into your other electronic devices. This is an internal surge.

We often protect our computers from this by using single outlet surge protectors on power bars. And, while these surge protectors can be used for other devices and appliances as well, it’s not recommended to only use single outlet surge protectors.

External power surges

External power surges are a much bigger deal than internal ones. They often occur during a storm, when lightning strikes. These major surges can shoot through your wiring and result in electrical fires.

You can avoid external power surges by installing a whole house surge protector, which will also partially help with smaller internal surges.

Cover All Your Bases

Being aware of what power surges can do is the start. Taking the necessary steps to prevent them is next. At Wagner General Electric Inc, our team of licensed electricians can help you decide the best option for your home.

With four different types of surge protectors on the market, there’s something for everyone.

  • Single outlet surge protectors for residential use
  • Single outlet surge protectors for industrial use
  • Whole house surge protectors for interior surges
  • Whole house surge protectors for exterior surges

Our crew has had experience creating surge protection plans for large and small homes of all types. When you need help deciding what’s best for you, just give us a call!

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Wagner General Electric Inc has years of experience in the local industry and is invested in helping all of our clients keep their electronic appliances and devices safe!

Not only can you prevent an expensive investment from getting damaged before its time, but you can prevent electrical fire and keep yourself and your family safe.

Give Wagner General Electric Inc a call today if you’re interested n finding out more or are ready to book a free, in-home estimate for services and installation!

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