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Feel the safest you ever have in your own home when you install outside lighting on your property. Front yard, backyard, or both, Wagner General Electric Inc is skilled at creating lighting design plans that will maximize on your budget and maximize on security functionality.

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on personal safety. You can get all the bells and whistles of lighting, alarms, cameras, and more. But for most homeowners, that’s just not necessary.

By installing security lights, you’ll be illuminating your property making it easier for yourself and your neighbors to spot a potential intruder. Because of this, these intruders will be less inclined to even try. By working with professional electrical contractors for your security light installation, you’ll benefit from our years of knowledge and professional advice.

The Proper Placement

While many homeowners think installing an outdoor motion sensor light above their side door is going to help out with security, the truth is it’s not going to do much beyond helping you see better when you’re hauling groceries home late at night.

To get the most out of your lighting, the first tip we can offer is to work with motion detectors. Not only will this provide you a 24-hour system, it will save you on energy bills. Rather than spend more leaving lights on a timer for a few hours, your lighting will only go off when a human or animal walks under it.

And when it comes to lighting up the right areas, did you know that by lighting up some parts of your yard you are benefitting prospective intruders rather than scaring them off? Work with Wagner General Electric Inc, and we’ll ensure your system does exactly what it’s supposed to do: keep you safe.

Critters Be Gone!

There’s more that security lighting can do for you than just scare off potential burglars. Do you have a skunk or raccoon problem in your neighborhood? They’re not big fans of light either.

If you’re sick of your trash cans getting knocked over every time you put them out, a motion light will take care of that pretty quickly.

Installing garden lights can also be esthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for ambiance during late night barbecues, we can make sure your lighting is set up to provide that as well.

From stake lights to spotlights to lights that can be installed directly into the risers of your deck steps, Wagner General Electric Inc can do it all!

Call Today!

Wagner General Electric Inc is made up of certified electricians who are ready to take your call today. We’ve been helping out local homeowners with their security and lighting needs for a very long time now and love having the opportunity to help you sleep easier.

Offering free service and material estimates as well as competitive rates all around, we believe that security should be simple and affordable.

To make your home as safe as you and your family deserves it to be, give us a call or send us an email. We’re looking forward to speaking to you!

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