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Residential Solar Panel Installation

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The choice to install residential solar panels is a good one. Residential solar power systems can save up to 50% of your electrical bill every month, raise the value of your home, and of course, give back to the planet by using the power of the sun rather than harmful fuels to power your electrical system.

At Wagner General Electric Inc, we love solar power. And, we love seeing how happy our clients are at the end of every installation.

While home solar installation is an investment, it’s a valuable one in more ways than one. Do yourself and the planet a favor. Call Wagner General Electric Inc today to discuss your residential solar panel installation!

The Benefits of Solar Panels

When you install solar panels, you’re going to benefit in two major categories. First, you’ll be helping the environment. Second, you’ll be helping out your bank book.

Electricity bills can be pricey, but with solar installation, you can cut that cost down by half. And, should you choose to sell your home, you’ll get a great return on investment.

And, as for environmental factors, solar energy doesn’t produce harmful emissions. The process of getting solar energy is a clean and renewable one, that even helps reduce water pollution due to the lack of run-off.

Can my Home Support Solar Panels?

It is true that some homes are not readily able to support solar panels, However, with some changes it is possible to alter your situation.

Older homes with weaker roofs risk breaking if solar panels are installed on top. Of course, if your home needs re-roofing, it’s going to need it no matter what. Discuss your options with a roofing professional, and you’ll be able to install your solar panels in no time!

Being powered by the sun, if your panels aren’t seeing any, they’re not going to do much good. Solar power installation requires a sunny roof, not put in the shade by buildings or trees. While in some cases it’s possible to remove trees to make room for panels, but that kind of defeats the environmental purpose you’re aiming for.

At Wagner General Electric Inc, we will never work on an installation until a full inspection has taken place.

How Does Installation Work?

There are three questions that surface when discussing any home renovation. How long does it take? How is it done? And how much does it cost?


Solar panel installation is a time-efficient process. You’ll only be looking at one or two days for us to finish depending on the size of your roof and electrical needs!


Installation is simple for certified professionals. We start with a thorough inspection, carry on to installation, and end with an inspection to ensure your system is safe and functional.


Costs can range from $10,000-$32,800. However, there are a lot of factors that go into this so we always recommend calling Wagner General Electric Inc to get an estimate!

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Residential solar panel installation is an investment in clean energy and your future. Give us a call today to set up a free service estimate and install your new panels!

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